Paint Code On BMW – Where It Is Located?

Paint Code On BMW – Where It Is Located?

Are you also one of such individuals who have recently noticed a scratch in the paint on their brand-new BMW? If that is the case, it would indeed be best to consider doing it yourself before rushing out to spend hundreds of dollars on having the paint on your BMW touched up professionally. If you know the paint code, finding the precise colour of paint you need won’t be difficult at all, trust us!

Finding out what the BMW paint code is for your specific vehicle is the foremost thing you need to do in order to undertake a touch-up paint job on your BMW. The paint codes for BMW vehicles are normally three digits long, though there are a few exceptions that use four and five digits.

Typical BMW automobiles are outfitted with a specialized paint code sticker that, in addition to displaying the paint information, may also provide the name of the colour in English or German. Under the hood, there are a number of different locations where you can find paint code on BMW, about which we’ll talk in further detail here!

How Can One Find the BMW Paint Codes Location Conveniently? 

bmw paint codes location


It would be best to look for the tag with your paint code on BMW either underneath the hood of your vehicle or in the door frame of the driver’s side door. The most plausible locations are as follows:

Under the hood on the driver’s flank of the automobile.

Near the support strut towers.

At the very edge of the fenders.

The vehicle identification number (VIN) can be found on the label that is located in the driver’s door jamb.

How Can One Explore the BMW Paint Codes Location With the Help of VIN Number? 

Even if you can’t locate the sticker with the paint code on BMW on it, you can still figure out the code if you have the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) for your BMW. The VIN is a 17-digit code that can be found in a variety of places on your vehicle as well as in the documentation that comes with your vehicle. You can locate the VIN number by looking in the following places:

On the driver’s side jam or door.

At the very front of the dashboard on the driver’s side, where it is clearly visible through the window.

On the engine block, located beneath the hood.

On insurance or registration paperwork.

What is the Role of a VIN Number in Locating the Paint Code On BMW? 

It is advisable to contact your nearest BMW dealer after you have the vehicle identification number (VIN), and they will be able to check up on your vehicle and provide you with the paint code on the BMW. The foremost thing you need to do to get a BMW touch-up paint that is excellent is to get the correct paint code number. However, if you bought your BMW second-hand, it is probable that the paint job is not the same as when you first bought it. This is a natural possibility.

If it appears as though the paint code on the BMW does not correspond to the colour of the car, you may need to get in touch with the earlier owners of the vehicle in order to determine the colour of the paint, or you may need to seek the help of an expert who has access to a spectrometer in order to determine the colour.

Even if you are certain that you have the correct paint code on BMW for your touch-up paint, it is always a good idea to double-check by painting a test strip and comparing it to the colour of your actual car before you go ahead and paint your car. You can do this by following the instructions that come with the touch-up paint code on BMW.

Why Would One Want to Find Out the Paint Code On BMW? 

There are a significant number of uses for finding out the Paint Code On BMW, two of which we have elaborated on below:

To Determine Whether the Vehicle Has Been Repainted 

Finding the original paint name or code is one approach to establishing if the paint is the original colour while researching used cars. It cannot be used to confirm that the car has not had its paint changed.

To Discover the Name of a Particular BMW Paint 

BMW automobiles have fascinating paint names that may increase your appreciation for your car. In order to demonstrate BMW’s heritage in motorsport, several of the M vehicle paint colours are named after tracks all around the world.

The most well-known M paint brand names include Laguna Seca Blue, LeMans Blue, Hockenheim Silver, Silverstone Metallic, and Imola Red. These names are all derived from well-known motorsport circuits.

Paint Code On BMW: What is the Significance of the Matte or Gloss Finish of BMW? 

A clear coat must be applied as a final protective layer over all coloured paints before they can be finished. The clear coat on the vast majority of BMW vehicles has a high gloss finish. Nevertheless, there are a few significant outliers to this rule.

Paint code 121 BLACK MATTE/MATTSCHWARTZ and paint code U83 FROZEN GRAY METALLIC both feature a matte finish, which necessitates the use of a clear coat designed specifically for matte finishes.

It is essential that you select the appropriate kind of clear coat for your BMW. If you make the mistake of applying a clear coat with a high gloss finish over touch-up paint that has a matte finish, the result will be very noticeable since it will be shiny and stick out.


What Does 409 Paint Code on BMW Indicate? 

A custom order paint has the code 490. This colour is drawn from the BMW Individual Catalog, which gives clients access to paint variants that are no longer utilized on production cars and offers an infinite number of colour choices.

What Does a Paint Code On BMW Normally Consist of? 

BMW paint codes typically consist of three digits, though occasionally, they also include a slash and a fourth digit.


By now, we expect you to have visualized the significance of a paint code on BMW. The instructions mentioned in this detailed writing will indeed help you find the paint code on BMW conveniently!


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